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Growth Activities, Videos, & Ideas for Students

Below are a number of great activities, videos, and ideas for students to help learn more about a growth mindset. We are not just born with a growth mindset and our brain, regardless of ability can change. Neuroplasticity is a fancy word that simply means the ability for our brain to change through growth and reorganization. Our brain is moldable. We can always learn more, gain more, and become more. That is exciting!!! Check out the YouTube videos, the Netflix series titled Human: The World Within, participate in the growth mindset activity, and take the growth mindset quiz to see what you can do to change your brain.

Growth Mindset - Activity and Quiz

Growth Mindset & Resilience - YouTube Videos

Growth Mindset - What it is

Resilience - What it is

Resilience - What to do

The Human Body and It's Incredible Capabilities

Be sure to try out some of these videos for inspiration on how to learn and cope with stress in your own life. Then, share your stress ball, favorite relaxing music, or other ideas with your counsellor. We can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Click on the link to the left to learn how to make a paper bag book. Once your book is made, use your imagination to make it whatever you want it to be. It could be a journal, a book about being a super hero, a way to organize a collection of yours or just leave it blank and see what comes to you at a future date.

  • Your counsellor(s) would love to see what you create! Send us a picture or bring it to the school when we are able to return. Until then, please know we are missing you!

Useless talents

(they make us laugh so are they really useless?)

Did you hear the story of The Granddaughter who was eaten by a Big Fish? The Audio recording can be found on the blog. You can also find the words to the story on the blog as well. Once you have read the story a few times feel free to tell it in your own way. You might want to change it to the Grandson and use a boy's name. You might want to have Mohsom be the character who asks the child to get some water. Perhaps the squirrel, Blue Jay and butterfly have something to say. Storytelling is a fun way to gather together and share teachings using stories. There is no need to expand on lessons, the child will understand in their own way. It could lead to a discussion of emotions though. Ms Cary and Ms Susan offer some questions and ideas in the blog post. This is a story that you can make relevant for your family and your storytelling ideas. We hope that you enjoy the story we shared and many others through the cold months of winter.

Start the year off right! Try a challenge for wellness. Use this idea from "Good Housekeeping" or make up your own.

Sledding in the Dark

Mr. Roberts night sledding with his boy

Skating and Hockey Fun

Mr. Roberts skating with his boys


Calming Fishtank

Enjoy the calm and beauty with Mrs. Fehr!


Rockin' Campfire

Enjoy the music and fire with Mrs. Fehr!

The Way I Feel

Check out Mrs. Dewald reading the book The Way I Feel, written and Illustrated by Janan Cain. Learn all about feelings.

Kimochis Charades

Pick a feeling to act out for a family member or friend.

Have them guess what you are feeling.

Take turns acting and guessing different feelings.


Come on down!!!

You are the next contestant on Family FUN QUIZ...

Talking as a family and laughing together is a great stress reliever. So while you’re all at home, take the opportunity to connect with each other and laugh together!

How this works….

BE READY. BE VERY READY for some fun and maybe even a heartfelt talk with an adult in your life.


Below are some fun “quiz questions” for you and the adults in your life:

Fun Quiz #1



P.S You can get them to ask younger kids too. The answers little kids give are super funny!

Get your adult to ask you and/or your siblings these questions……

How old am I?

What is my favorite thing to do?

What do I always say to you?

What makes me happy?

How tall am I?

What am I good at?

What is my favorite place to go?

If I was an animal, what animal would I be?

Who is my best friend?

What is the best thing I cook?

What do I want for Christmas?

Where was I born?

When was I born?

If I could go on a vacation, where would I go?

Who would I take on vacation with me?

Fun Quiz #2



Okay ready? Here we go...

What makes me happy?

What makes me laugh?

What is my favorite thing to do?

What will I do when I grow up?

What am I good at?

If I was an animal, what animal would I be?

What makes you proud of me?

Where is my favorite place to visit?

Who in the family, do I get my good looks from?

What do I always say?

What is a funny memory you have of me?

Self-Regulation Strategies!

#5 - Do Something Sensory - Ms Cassandra’s Jello Playdough Recipe!

#9 - Read a book!

Identifying feelings helps us to be more in control and regulated - try this fun test with the “Inside Out” gang!

Make Jello Slime!

Make music and an instrument with Amelia!

Need a calming strategy

Zafu can help you to learn to meditate for just a minute while you breath. This will help anytime that you are feel a little anxious or having trouble going to sleep at night.

Check your Battery

You can use this meter to see how you are doing. We would never let our cell phone batteries get too low, so lets no let our body batteries get low either. If we let our body batteries get too low, it is hard to recharge them. The activity below help you and your family recharge.

Family Fun

Just a list of activities that you can do or you and your family can do to help keep everyone emotionally healthy during this crazy time.

How To make a mindfulness jar to help you calm down.

You will need:

-a Jar - a water bottle works fine

-2 tubes of glitter glue

-fine glitter and chunky glitter

food colouring


Watch the video and follow the steps to make your very own mindfulness jar!

How to Make Homemade Paint for Kids with Salt and Flour - EASY!

You Will Need

  • Mixing bowl

  • Measuring cup

  • Food coloring

  • Flour

  • Salt

  • Water


In a mixing bowl, combine even parts of water,

salt, and flour. I used 1 cup of water, 1 cup of

salt, and 1 cups of flour. Add food coloring until you get the color you want!

Start painting! You will have to store the paint with a tight fitting lid and stir it before using again.

A Read Aloud Book with Ms. Cary!

Videos from Sesame Street.

To all the parents out there: you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take a moment for yourself, to breath, stretch, whatever you need to keep being your best self. Hang in there and keep up the great work!

Whether you're having big feelings, little feelings, or anything in between, you can just give yourself a hug! Learn how you can self-hug with Abby Cadabby.

Banana Bread with Ms.Cassandra!

Watch this step-by-step video on how to make chocolate chip banana bread. Share your banana bread making with her at!

Things that Help Ground Us...

Everyone gets feelings of worry or of being overwhelmed sometimes. When we know and practice ways of calming ourselves, we can often feel better faster. Try going to this video for examples of how to do some breathing exercises (led by MESC counsellors) and check out below.

Use Your Brain By Working on Things Like This...

Different Ways of Thinking...

Do we learn (growth mindset) or are we just good or bad at something (fixed mindset)? Research says we learn and get better with practice and that making mistakes is an important part of this.

Fun Videos!

An adorable little video that reminds us how important it is to be kind to others!

Another cute video with a very motivated kitty!

A cute little video to help think about the importance of being persistent when working towards our goals as well as being creative when problem solving!

Well done families!

Hope you had some fun and shared a laugh with each other! Thanks for playing!

Hope you are staying safe and connected!!!

Much love and respect to you all. Thinking of you!

Sandi & Julia from Meskanahk Ka Nipa Wit School and Ms Leann from Kisipatnahk School